Laser Focused on Resolving
Your Difficult Tax Problems.

After personally performing over 300 IRS and State audits, I have developed an efficient system to get you out of your current situation as well as prevent tax problems in the future.

Most national tax resolution agencies and even individual consultants focus on one thing – getting you on a payment schedule. It’s easy but it doesn’t address the real problems.

I was a traditional CPA for over 25 years. I sold my practice to focus what I’m good at . . . getting individuals like you out of a jam.

I take on only 25-30 clients at any one time. You get the benefit of direct, hands-on communication and immediate action. No account reps, sales people or assistants.

If you are receiving calls or letters from the IRS or your state taxing authority, or have unpaid taxes, then start playing offense. My free consulting call is free, confidential, and there is no obligation.


Meeting you 10 years ago at the Pizza Expo event was life changing!  The foundation of my business would have been built on quicksand if I had skipped the last day of the event which I almost considered doing.

Bill Herholzer, Pepperoni Bills Pizzeria, Camden, MO

You challenged me during the Holidays at the end of 2022 that you could deliver a DRAFT tax return before the Rose Bowl on January 2, 2023…which you delivered!  We refined this DRAFT over the next few weeks, but I did not have to wait or extend my 2022 tax filings and could focus on my business for 2023.  Thanks!

Steve Beene, Bayou Boil n Geaux, Covington LA

After utilizing your Firm’s IRS Transcript retrieval service and printing 10 years of data for three of my entities I received an entire history of reporting to the IRS and found gaps that needed to be cured!  We updated the IRS database and now have a peace of mind that I am off the TAX RADAR.

Brad Cobble, Sea Store of Sundestin, Destin, FL

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Unfiled Tax Returns
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Tax Levies & Liens
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Wage Garnishment
Back Payroll Taxes
Mounting Tax Penalties and Interest
Foreign Bank Reporting Violations
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