About Mike Rasmussen

With over 35 years as a CPA, Mike has successfully resolved over two hundred tax controversies for small business owners (SMBs) being audited by various taxing agencies.

Mike joined Ernst and Young in 1984, and was widely known for his integrity, work ethic, knowledge, and leadership. Mike was recruited to be the CFO of Shift4 and went on to start his own CPA firm, Rasmussen Tax Group, where he has managed a multitude of clients in various industries.

Mike has written inventory software programs for the restaurant industry and created the foundation principles for multiple accounting programs, which he utilized to develop and manage tax strategies for his clients.

In 2022, Mike created a new financial management software platform called RevRex, which reconciles third-party data and produces a tolerance score called the RevRex Score, exposing discrepancies that might lead to audits.

Mike is widely known across the country for his expertise and vast knowledge of accounting and business principles. Mike has been a monthly contributor to PMQ Magazine, an international Pizza publication and is sought as a speaker and consultant to that industry.

Mike earned his BS from Colorado Mesa University and has a Master’s in Business Taxation from Golden Gate University.