A 360° Financial Success Program for Restaurant Owners

Rasmussen Tax Group is focused on delivering value to our clients that extend far beyond those that result from the traditional focus of CPAs.  We can show you cutting edge technologies that help you manage your food and supply costs.  This delivers results directly to your bottom line.    Our practice is limited to restaurant owners and operators.  We understand restaurants and restaurant owner/operators and will help you put your BEST foot forward.


BANKABILITY means that outsiders consider your business to be healthy, robust, credit worthy and a solid investment.  This is obviously a desirable position, but how does one know whether his operation is bankable or not? Rasmussen Tax Group can provide the types of information that banks, leasing companies and other potential investors look at.  This information goes far beyond profitability.  It looks at the efficiency of your financial performance and the utilization of capital.  We will help you grade and monitor your performance and understand how outside investors view your business.  We have relationships with lenders should you need additional capital.

restaurant financial managementEXITABILITY

EXITABILITY is more than your ultimate departure from your business.  The ability to spend time with your family and pursue your interests outside of your business is critical to your quality of life.  The Rasmussen Tax Group can show you how to use state-of-the-art technology to simplify the process of monitoring and managing your multi-site operations, whether you are in your office or on the beach.  We can show you how to get next day sales, costing and profitability information with a couple of clicks from anyplace that has internet access.


SALEABILTY pertains to your numbers.  Every restaurateur has two numbers in his head.  How much cash would it take to walk away from my restaurant today?  At what value will I build my current and future restaurants and say “enough is enough?”   Most owners have no idea of how to quantify these two numbers.  We can show you the areas of your financial reports that buyers focus on when evaluating an operation as an acquisition target.  We can help you present your financial results in the most attractive light, and show you how your numbers match up.


TAXABILITY is a controllable expense that can be more manageable than you might think.  We can help you to balance short-term tax savings and the long-term impacts of your ultimate exit strategy.  At tax time we understand you want to pay as little as possible; however, you must consider the impact on your Bankability, Exitability, and Saleability.  We act as your trusted intermediary to help you understand your strategy numbers and put your BEST foot forward.