Our goal is to help you keep more of the money your restaurant brings in.

We have worked with countless closely-held ownership groups and franchises over nearly thirty years to attain the level of knowledge and expertise necessary to achieve this goal.

Our back-office services combined with proven tax-savings strategies give franchise owners the freedom to maximize tax savings AND focus on their business, not on their books. Eliminating your monthly administrative burden is only one aspect of sound financial management, and you will end up saving much more than our service costs you each month.

How Rasmussen Tax Group Benefits Your Business

  • Save time, reduce stress
  • Reduce excessive paperwork and time needed accumulating records
  • Timely analysis of financial data through 24/7 access to your books via Right Networks
  • Ensure compliance with Franchisor record retention requirements
  • Key performance indicators to measure sales vs. expenses
  • Tax planning-accurate tax compliance

Fraud Control

  • Third party accountability with vendors/suppliers/rebate checks
  • Utilization and accountability of on-site manager
  • Accurate data for Exit Strategy/Estate planning for owner

Rasmussen Tax Group is built on a proud tradition of service, technical expertise, and innovative thinking. Our staff’s experience and academic credentials give our clients the depth of knowledge you’ll find in a larger firm, while our dedication to superior customer service offers the personal, one-on-one approach smaller firms are known for.

We hope you’ll take a few minutes and consider our deliverables to you:


Tax Strategies

The accounting and tax professions have a reputation for looking into the past. In order to do bookkeeping, provide financial statements, and prepare a tax return, accountants look at what’s happened in the past. We use reliable past information to look ahead to the future. With our BEST Program (Bankability, Exitability, Saleability, Taxability), we provide models to assist you in making the BEST decisions for your business.

One way we do this is through the TIIP (Tax Issue Identification Program), which identifies tax issues and planning resources applicable to restaurant owners. For example,

  • Should you purchase new equipment before the end of the year to take advantage of additional depreciation deductions?
  • Would it be beneficial to purchase a new business-use vehicle?

We provide brief summaries of those topics and others, as well as additional resources that may be useful in making your decision.


 Financial Systems Advisor for Brands

When people picture the relationship between a business owner and their accountant, they tend to picture dropping off a box of information to their accountant’s office, never to be seen again. You might receive financials and a tax return at the end of the year, but what about during the year? How would you know on any given Tuesday night at 10:00, what your financials were going to look like?

Our job is to give restaurant owners a place where they feel comfortable being in control of their business while knowing they have an experienced accountant behind them at any point they feel in over their heads.

By building individual relationships with clients and always maintaining a positive attitude, we provide a great contact point for any financial systems questions or issues. When the owner is in control and has constant access to their books, they can make informed, timely decisions about how to manage their business.

We are involved in all aspects of preparing financial statements with integrity, from paying bills to reconciling the bank, to compiling the financials to send to banks. We have experience transitioning owners and their employees into a more hands-on role, without sacrificing the integrity of information that comes from an experienced accountant.


Business Life Cycle Strategy Chart Tool

One thing all restaurant owners need more of is TIME — from dealing with employees to suppliers to bankers, there never seems to be enough time for YOU!

Part of what takes up so much time is performing the same repetitive tasks by hand. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could explain what you do to someone else and they could find a way to get the same work done, but in a shorter amount of time?

We bring to life your existing systems of cash receipts/disbursements, sales, purchases, inventory, and payroll, allowing advisers to provide input efficiencies through advisory services or third-party solutions.